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Product Details

Helmet IBEX is one of high-end helmet designed from HJC. IBEX improves on aero dynamic and ventilation. It has integrated with Venturi Dynamics to balance the air resistant force with exhaust ventilation function. You are able to experience more aerodynamic and optimal function with impressive well-balanced design.

  • Technical Features

    1. Wind Tunnel Tested

      HJC is only one of very few helmet companies who are facilitated with its own state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory to test the aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, and more. Across from technical adaptation of motorcycle race technology to high-end road cycle helmets, HJC wind tunnel test lab measures the constant force within the riding condition.

    2. Reflective

      HJC helmet gives special attention to safety of riders during afterhours. Therefore we have applied highly visible reflective adhesives on the helmet. Since the helmet stands considerably high above the road, it is a good way to emit awareness with reflectivity.

    3. Venturi Dynamics

      In order to achieve the maximum ventilation results, technical adaptation of Bernoulli principle is adapted to aerodynamic enhanced models. In motion, the speed of surface flow rate in general increases towards the rear progression. Through the pressure differences, cool air from the frontal intake is exhausted through the rear vent with internal heat dissipation, which gives rider optimum ventilated riding results.

    4. Aerodynamic Design

      Coming from motocycle helmet design experience, HJC designers and engineers become experts in aerodynamics and wind ventilated helmets. In order to balance the shapes and forms to be in harmony with the speed and resistance, one must possess years of understanding and knowledge about the characteristics of airflow. With the years of heritage in making of helmets, the HJC engineered products make the standing differences in aerodynamics amongst the standards.

    5. Internal Reinforcement Structure

      Embedded within the EPS is the engineered skeletal frame that is designed to bind the structure of the helmet together while at possible impact. Skeletal frame is not only to holds the helmet together while impact but also works as added impact support reinforcement making the helmet more rigid.

    6. Advanced Air Channel System

      Air channel is an optimal air passage that are shaped and designed within the inner surface of the helmet for maximum internal airflow. Depending on the riders speed, certain amount of air will travel inside the helmet by the frontal intake vent and through the inner air passage and out to exhaust vent. Optimal circulation of the air through the air channel helps to cool the head while in heated riding condition.

    7. Feather Light

      HJC Road Cycle Helmets are designed and engineered through precision measures to have lightest weight construction as possible. Thickness and density, placement and shapes, materials bits and parts all plays a part in having lightest weight construction.

    8. In-Mold Construction

      In-Mold Construction is method of binding the EPS together with the outer polycarbonate shell to have more conformed strength in structure. By binding the shell and EPS together helps protection with compact reinforcement and gives clean finish appeal to the product.

    9. X-static

      Inspired by the impact it has on lives everywhere, every day, X-STATIC® harnesses the power of silver to create a powerful technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabrics, eliminating human-based odor for the life of the garment. The permanent performance of X-STATIC® keeps apparel smelling fresher for longer, even after multiple wear cycles between washings.

  • Specifications

    Wind Tunnel Tested
    Aerodynamic Design
    Reinforcement Structure
    Double In-Mold Construction
    Advanced Air Channel System
    Venturi Dynamics
    Goggle Mount
    Adjustable fit system
    16 Ventilations
    Feather Light 220g (±10)
    CE EN 1078 Certificate
    KC Certificate

    Sizing Guide

    • XS / S
    • 51~56cm
    • 20.1~22
    • M / L
    • 55~59cm
    • 21.7~23.2
    • XL / XXL
    • 58-63 cm
    • 22.8-24.8”