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HJC Sports

HJC SPORTS is about the moment, finding one’s self again, escaping in a single leap from artificial boundaries into self-renewal, self-acceptance, balance and peace…in harmony with all that surrounds us. In the moment, we’re aware of our every sense. Life’s value isn’t blurred by a mindless cycle of repetition. It starts with sentience in the moment. When we’re truly conscious, we’re truly alive. For The Moment, let us ride!

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Since 1971, HJC have been developing and manufacturing helmets that are highly respected in the field of Motorcycling. HJC is recognized by our long years of helmet making with advanced material construction in strength and lightweight performance. Over 45 years in commitment to excellence and advancement towards helmet technology, HJC has mastered the making of helmets to the premium standards. Holding 20% of European motorcycle helmet market and with distribution of various helmet categories to over 65 different countries worldwide, HJC stands with legacy of being #1 helmet manufacturer in the world for over 18 years. HJC invests heavily on design and development of helmets in variety of categories, having hand in hand with Global Partners with advanced technologies. Other than motorcycle helmets, HJC works with Automotive, Government Projects, Construction, Rescue, Community Service, Franchise, Recreations and Sports, and much more. HJC continues to explore to all forms, extending endless possibilities to helmet technologies and applications. For the Cycle and Snow helmets, HJC is working with top partners who are supporting the highest of brands in the world. HJC strategically plans to position and build Cycle and Snow helmet to the next level, creating and introducing new ways of construction. With all the exhilarations, the growth of Cycle and Snow sector is prominent and it is expected to escalate in greater scale.

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HJC works with exciting events and sponsorship all over the world. From raging MotoGP motorsports to ice thrashing bobsleigh events in the Winter Olympics, HJC is there for speed and protection. HJC was title sponsor of the 2016 HJC Helmets Grand Prix Ceske Republiky in Bruno, GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE MOTO in LE MANS May 2017, and is official sponsor of the Bobsleigh team in the 2018 Winter Olympics in KOREA. As a dedicated participant in the most exhilarating events in the world, HJC is also looking forward to taking part in cycle sports sponsorship in the coming years