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HJC SPORTS is about the moment, finding one’s self again, in a leap of escape from artificial boundaries and into self-restoration, self-acceptance, balance and peace, and in a flow of harmony with all that surrounds us.

For the moment, we are aware of our sense of self in the presence and in spontaneous moments. The value of life is not in the blurry, mindless, cycles of repetition; the value of life starts from awareness of the soul in the moment. When you are truly aware of your feelings in the moment, with appreciation, you are truly alive.

For The Moment, let us ride….!

A woman cycling with the HJC Furion 2.0

For the moment

a man cycling with the IBEX 2.0 in red and black


HJC has been developing and manufacturing helmets since 1971.

Highly praised in the field of motorcycle helmets, HJC is recognized for its long history of helmet production involving advanced material construction, strength and lightweight performance. With over 45 years in commitment to excellence and advancement in helmet technology, HJC has mastered the art of making helmets to premium standards. The brand has distribution in over 65 different countries worldwide, with various helmet categories representing 20% of the European motorcycle helmet market.

The tests in HJC’s wind tunnel laboratory and the direct feedback of top Moto GP riders, have enabled HJC to improve the fitting and aerodynamics of its helmets. The applied Venturi Dynamics considerably reduce the drag force at high speed and balance the air resistance force with exhaust ventilation.

HJC is heavily involved in MotoGP racing as the title sponsor of several major races over the past years, the 2016 Grand Prix of Czech Republic and the 2017 and 2018 Grand Prix de France. HJC is the first helmet company to title the sponsorship of a MotoGP calendar race event. The previous HJC Grand Prix races have had great success and HJC wanted to continue to support the highest level of motorcycle racing while expanding their global presence, so an executive decision was made to move their support to Sachsenring in Germany.

Being the #1 helmet manufacturer in the world for over 17 years, HJC has a legacy to nurture. HJC invests heavily in design and development in a variety of categories, working hand in hand with global partners and advanced technologies.HJC plans to develop and manufacture next level cycle and snow helmets, with strategic choices made in the creation and introduction of new construction methods.


riding test for the team AG2R CITROËN


For 50 years, HJC has been working closely with the world’s best athletes. We are proud to equip the AG2R CITROEN TEAM from 2021 and to be an integral part of this ambitious project by joining a solid and historic structure, guided by values that we share and that drive us on a daily basis.

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HJC draws its strength from competition and working closely with the world’s best athletes to push the boundaries of technology. It is in this spirit of ongoing improvement that HJC is working alongside Team Israel Premier-Tech to help ensure the safety of riders by providing innovative and safe helmets, while continuing its research with valuable feedback from these riders.

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Helmet of Victor Campenaerts for the hour record on the track Adwatt – Special Edition for Victor Campenhaerts

UCI Hour Record

Victor Campenaerts 55,089 KM

Using the HJC ADWATT time trial helmet, Victor Campenaerts and the LOTTO SOUDAL UCI World tour team beat the UCI HOUR RECORD in April. The ADWATT was designed through enhanced wind tunnel testing to improve its drag force performance on the track as well as on the road.

The 2018 Time Trial European Champion set a new mark for the UCI WORLD HOUR RECORD to 55.089 Km with the ADWATT which he helped develop in collaboration with the designers and engineers at HJC. It is well known that Victor uses his TT helmet without a shield only, while most of his teammates ride with a shield. HJC successfully took up the challenge to develop a TT helmet which is efficient both with and without a shield creating a helmet that is fast and extra-ventilated at the same time.