HJC draws its strength from competition and working closely with the world’s best athletes to push the boundaries of technology. It is in this spirit of ongoing improvement that HJC is working alongside Team Israel Premier-Tech to help ensure the safety of riders by providing innovative and safe helmets, while continuing its research with valuable feedback from these riders.

In January, Israel Premier Tech presented its new sponsor and new colors for the team.
For this season, the riders are still equipped with the FURION 2.0, IBEX 2.0 and ADWATT helmets, but with a brand new design.

FURION 2.0 & IBEX 2.0

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Team feedback

Tested and approved

Alex Dowsett

“Aerodynamics is key for a time trialist and a lead-out man like me. I need to be as aero as possible. HJC helps. Their helmets are exactly what I expect from a helmet: they don’t slow you down, they are safe and fit well on the head.

The tt-helmet is top-notch. I tested all of them and on me this particular helmet is the fastest. You can move your head freely without impacting your aerodynamics too much. It is a very good helmet. One can tell it was developed together with time trial specialists and one can feel that.”

Performance coach, Ciaran O’Grady

“The team really enjoys riding with the IBEX 2.0, on hot summer days, it provides exceptional cooling and still remains very aerodynamically efficient. The lightweight of the helmet means that over long rides you barely notice that you’re wearing it. The self-adjusting system keeps the helmet in place nicely and you don’t really need to think about how tight or lose it needs to be!”

“The FURION 2.0 is our go-to helmet on cooler days, as the more solid shell keeps the wind and rain at bay. For an aero helmet, it is also extremely lightweight and comfortable, whereas most aero helmets usually come with a weight penalty.”

Mads Würtz

“I really like the helmets. The auto-adjustment system around the head was something I had to get used to, but after a few days I realized I don’t want to ride with another helmet. It’s really comfortable, and aesthetically, it’s beautiful. ”


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