Innovation for

Comfort and fitting are an integral part of HJC’s helmets. The R&D department has developed 2 revolutionary features patented by HJC for enhanced riding comfort. Introducing COOLPATHTM for advanced air cooling, and SELFITTM for automatic fitting with self-adjustment.


SELFITTM is an automatic self-adjusting fitting system which is a revolutionary technology in bicycle helmet fitting.
Once the helmet fit is set for your head it doesn’t require further adjustment, even when your head is moving during the ride. The SELFIT system automatically adjusts the gap and provides consistent fitting and comfort for your head.

5 step snap fit

5 snap fitting positions provide consistent fitting and comfort for all different types of head shapes and sizes. The rider can adjust the fitting with precision, resulting in a helmet that will ideally adjusted for a perfect ride, time after time.


COOLPATHTM is a new technology patented by HJC.Replacing the inner padding it allows the cool air to flow around your head and improves your comfort during the ride. The cool air flow and the lightness of the helmet enhance the fitting and provide an excellent riding experience.